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Top 10 Wedding Dresses for Groom in India: Trends & Styles

Weddings are an integral part of Indian culture, marked by vibrant colors, elaborate ceremonies, and stunning attire. While much emphasis is often placed on the bride’s ensemble, the groom’s attire is equally significant. There has been a noticeable shift in grooming fashion in recent years, with men opting for more diverse and fashion-forward wedding outfits. From traditional sherwanis to contemporary suits, Indian grooms explore many options to make a style statement on their big day. Let’s delve into the top trends and inspirations for wedding dresses for groom in India.

Wedding Dresses for Groom in India

1. Traditional Elegance

The allure of traditional attire never fades, and many grooms still prefer classic sherwanis adorned with intricate embroidery and rich fabrics. Gold and maroon remain timeless color choices, exuding regal charm and sophistication. These sherwanis often feature hand-embroidered details and are paired with churidar pants, offering a complete and elegant look. This traditional attire remains a favorite among wedding dresses for groom in India.

2. Contemporary Twist

Contemporary wedding suits offer a refreshing alternative for grooms seeking a modern edge. Designers like Manish Malhotra are redefining groom fashion with unconventional color palettes, floral embroideries, and unique silhouettes. These suits cater to the tastes of the fashion-forward groom, allowing them to stand out with bold, innovative designs. Such contemporary choices are becoming increasingly popular among wedding dresses for groom in India.

3. Ethnic Fusion

Embracing the spirit of fusion, some grooms opt for eclectic ensembles that blend traditional elements with contemporary trends. Nehru jackets paired with kurta pyjamas or dhoti pants offer a perfect fusion of heritage and style. This combination is ideal for the discerning groom who wants to celebrate tradition while making a modern fashion statement. Ethnic fusion is a growing trend in wedding dresses for groom in India.

4. Floral Finesse

Florals are no longer reserved for the bride’s attire; they have also found their way into groom fashion. Floral Nehru jackets and printed sherwanis add a whimsical touch to the groom’s ensemble. Perfect for daytime weddings or spring celebrations, these outfits bring a fresh, lively vibe to the wedding festivities. Floral designs are increasingly seen in wedding dresses for groom in India.

5. Minimalist Chic

For the groom who prefers understated elegance, less is more. Simple yet sophisticated gold and white sherwanis or red and ivory combinations exude timeless charm without overwhelming the overall look. Paired with subtle accessories, minimalist outfits make a refined statement that speaks volumes about the groom’s sophisticated taste. Minimalist chic is a timeless choice among wedding dresses for groom in India.

6. Personalized Touch

Customization is key for many grooms who want their wedding attire to reflect their personality and style. From choosing fabric and color to selecting embellishments and accessories, personalized sherwanis and suits allow grooms to create a bespoke ensemble that is uniquely theirs. This trend ensures that the groom’s outfit is as unique as his journey to the altar. Personalized wedding dresses for groom in India are becoming more sought after.

7. Dapper Details

Attention to detail is paramount in groom fashion. Intricate embroidery, textured fabrics, and unique hemlines elevate the look of wedding dresses for groom in India. These dapper details add depth and dimension to their attire, ensuring that every aspect of the outfit is meticulously crafted and styled.

8. Regional Influences

India’s diverse cultural landscape is reflected in its wedding attire, with each region boasting unique styles and traditions. Grooms often draw inspiration from their heritage, incorporating regional motifs, fabrics, and techniques into their wedding ensemble. This celebration of cultural diversity adds a rich, personal touch to the groom’s attire. Regional influences are a significant aspect of wedding dresses for groom in India.

9. Comfort and Versatility

Comfort is non-negotiable for grooms who want to enjoy their wedding day to the fullest. Lightweight fabrics, breathable designs, and versatile silhouettes ensure grooms can move easily while exuding confidence and style. These practical considerations are crucial for a groom’s overall comfort and enjoyment of the big day. Comfort and versatility are key factors in choosing wedding dresses for groom in India.

10. Breaking Stereotypes

In an era of changing norms and evolving gender roles, grooms challenge stereotypes and embrace non-traditional attire. Whether opting for a suit instead of a sherwani or experimenting with bold colors and prints, grooms assert their individuality and break free from conventional norms. This trend highlights the modern groom’s desire to make a unique and personal fashion statement. Breaking stereotypes is an emerging trend in wedding dresses for groom in India.


The evolution of groom fashion in India is a testament to modern grooms’ changing tastes and preferences. From traditional elegance to contemporary flair, there are many options for grooms to express their style and personality on their wedding day. Whether embracing cultural heritage, experimenting with fusion styles, or making a bold fashion statement, the journey to discovering the perfect wedding dress for groom in India is as diverse and vibrant as the country itself. As weddings continue to be cherished, let us celebrate the groom’s sartorial journey and the myriad choices that define his momentous occasion.

By exploring the wide array of wedding dresses for groom in India, grooms can find the perfect outfit that resonates with their personal style and cultural heritage.

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